On a shoot in Key Largo

Untitled photo

My name is Joshua Barton and I am a photographer with a passion for landscape and artistic photographs featuring unique textures.  An adjunct to my photography business is shooting local sports including lacrosse and cycling (personal sports passions).

I started shooting photos as a child and learned photography in the days of real film and darkrooms.  My earliest influence was Ansel Adams.  From Ansel Adams' many beautiful photographs and detailed books, I learned a great foundation for composition, exposure, and printing techniques.  Many of the photos featured in the PhotoBoanerges galleries are digital reprints from classic Ilford black and white 35mm film.  I have long since converted to the digital realm using Nikon cameras and Adobe products like Lightroom.

PhotoBoanerges is the name of my photography business.  This name harkens back to a band of brothers both past and present who strive to live with passion.     

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